A Sanctuary of Peace

The Garchen Buddhist Institute was founded by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche in Chino Valley, Arizona. It is rooted in the Drikung Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Garchen Rinpoche created the Institute to establish the Buddha Dharma in the West, and to offer practitioners of all levels the opportunity to receive teachings, and participate in short or extended meditation practices.


The Institute remains temporarily closed to daily visitors due to ongoing construction. In the future we aim to re-open to visitors and will send an announcement when that time comes. However please check the event page for upcoming in person events and retreats, covid restrictions apply.  We will continue to offer our livestream service of all our dharma events.

Events, Practices, Classes & Services

February 2023

Perfection of Patience: The Supreme Peace

with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

February 4, 10:30am-12pm MST (UTC-7)

Register at: drikungdharmasurya@gmail.com

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Sunday Practice: Arya Tara & Jangchok for the Living

with H.E. Garchen RinpocheWhite Tara
and the Garchen Insitute Lamas

February 5, 10 am-12pm MST (UTC-7)

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Meditation Series on Mindfulness

Venerable Khenpo Tenzin

Next Livestream Class: February 5

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3pm -4pm MST (UTC-7)

Classes Every Sunday
when there is no other event

Monthly Online Nyungne Retreat

with Lama Bu Nima

February 4-6

Hosted by Garchen Dharma Society (GDS)

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White TaraArya Tara Practice
for H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s Long life

The Garchen Institute Lamas

Every Tuesday if there is no other event
Next Livestream Practice: February 7

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Tuesdays / 8am – 9am MST (UTC-7)

Jewel Ornament of Liberation

Venerable Khenpo Tenzin

Next class: February 7

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10am – 12pm MST (UTC-7)

Next Question and Answer session: TBA
1:30-2:45pm MST (UTC-7)
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ID : 218 378 3697
Password: Ratna88

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Yamantaka Drupcho ONLINE

with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche
The Garchen Institute Lamas

February 15-20

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Medicine Buddha Practice

The Garchen Institute Lamas

Next Session: TBD
10am -12pm MST (UTC-7)

Medicine Buddha Mantra Accumulation

Red Chenrezig Retreat

with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche
and Venerable Abao Lama

March 3-7, 2023

Register at: info@drikungseattle.org

Mani Mantra Accumulation

Amitabha Mantra Accumulation

Namgyalma Mantra Accumulation

Messages and Teachings

Click here for a compilation of important messages and highlights of teachings given by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche.

Note to Sangha

Lopon Barbara DuBois will be on a leave of absence from teachings and individual consultations for three months, starting 1 September 2022, to rest and recharge. She sends you all her love and auspicious wishes, reminding us that we are never apart—our minds are primordially one. We look forward to welcoming her back as soon as she is ready to continue pouring out the Dharma for us all.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche Film

Click here to view the film about the life of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, For the Benefit of All Beings

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10am  &  3-4pm

White Tara
Garchen Buddhist Institute’s Sunday practices, dharma talks, and classes have been our offering for many years — a way for the local community of practitioners and seekers to come together in love and learning, and a way for the world-wide sangha to feel connected to Garchen Rinpoche, the Lamas and the Institute via livestream.

This Sunday program is only available when there is not another event scheduled at the Institute.
Click our Event Calendar for more clarity on the schedule. 

We are happy to be able to contiune these offerings online, during this time of difficulty.

  • Sunday Practice with H.E. Garchen Rinpoche and Garchen Institute Lamas: 10am – 12pm
  • Guided Meditation  3:00 -4pm with Venerable Khenpo Tenzin  

Each Sunday we will do a different practice on a rotating basis. That rotation will look like this:

  •  Arya Tara & Jangchok for the Living (Burning Away Afflications, prayers for the living)
  •  Arya Tara & Jangchok for the Dead (Burning Away Afflications, prayers for the dead)
  •  Lama Chopa and Dharmapalas (Dharma protectors)
  •  Arya Tara & Jangchok for the Living and so forth.

Click the Texts for Sunday Practice, below, to view or download all the texts you will need.

To submit names for the Jangchok for the Living or the Dead, please email your list of names to: dedications@garchen.net

  • Please group your names by Living or Dead, clearly stated.
  • Names are listed by commas or semicolons if needed, for example:  Jane Smith, Julio Lopez, Pham Duc Lam… it helps us tremendously if you list your dedication names similarly.
  • You are welcome to submit names in your native language character or type.
  • Dates, locations, relationship are not included in the list

Thank you so much. May all beings benefit, and be relieved of suffering and its causes!

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Join Us Online

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For links to translations in Chinese, Vietnamese & Russian

All Texts For Sunday Practice

Each Sunday we will use the texts in the following order:

  • Yellow Prayer Book – opening prayers
  • White Tara Sadhana with inserts OR Lama Chöpa
  • Weekly Additional Practice –
    here we will practice one of the texts marked with an *
  • Summoning Good Fortune
  • Blue Prayer Book – dedication prayer
  • Yellow Prayer Book – long life prayers

Yellow Prayer Book:

White Tara Sadhana:

Praise of the 21 Taras

Benefits of Praises to 21 Taras

* Dharma Protectors (Dharmapalas):

* Lama Chopa

* Lama Chopa – Chinese

*Serkhangma Prayer

* Burning Away Afflictions (Jangchok for the Living and/or the Dead):

Dzambala – Summoning Good Fortune
(page 63 of this text):

Blue Prayer Book:


The Garchen Buddhist Institute is pleased to introduce a new program of Sponsored Puja Services. Pujas are prayer rituals which involve visualization, mantra recitation and offerings to enlightened beings (Buddhas & Bodhisattvas). They are performed to receive the blessings of these enlightened beings, to accumulate merit, and to dispel obstacles and negative circumstances for oneself and others. Pujas can be sponsored to benefit oneself or another, for the living or for the dead.

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Request a Puja

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Taking Vows Online

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has said that it is extremely beneficial to take vows online, as it really shows you have a strong aspiration to receive them! He has also said that the reason you are truly able to receive vows online, is because of the ultimate nature of the Three Jewels — the Buddha, the Dharma (teachings), and the Sangha (spiritual community). This ultimate nature is actually love, which is all-pervasive like space. So if you have the heart and intention of love, you receive the vows whether or not you are physically present for the ceremony.

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Take Vows

To take your Refuge, Bodhisattva, or other vows online,

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Love is the only cause of happiness.
It’s nature is all pervasive like space.
Love is the sunlight
of the mind.

 ~H.E. Garchen Rinpoche