The Garchen Buddhist Institute is a Tibetan Buddhist retreat and teaching center founded by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche. It is rooted in the Drikung Kagyu tradition. The Garchen Buddhist Institute was created by Garchen Rinpoche to establish the Buddha Dharma in the West and to offer opportunities for extended meditation practice for all practitioners.

Whether you are new to Buddhism, or an experienced practitioner, Garchen Buddhist Institute offers programs and teaching events to support you on your path.

Nestled on 75 private acres in the foothills of the Prescott National Forest and surrounded by the San Francisco Peaks, the Red Rocks of Sedona, and Sycamore Canyon – the extraordinary natural beauty is infused with vast blessings. The Garchen Institute is truly an “Island of Enlightenment”, a haven of tranquil beauty and peace.

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A Request For Help

Dearest Sangha.
Our beautiful new sign at the entrance to the Institute was vandalized over the weekend. It is now completely gone, taken from its posts. The sign was designed by Garchen Rinpoche, and possesses many blessings. To replace it will cost approximately $500-$600 (we are waiting on an estimate). If you would like to contribute to the replacement of the sign we would be deeply grateful. Please Click Here , select “General Donation”; in the area called “Note” please state that your donation is for the replacement of our sign. Thank you so much! May the dharma lamp of Garchen Rinpoche’s teachings shine on, for the benefit of all beings.

Join us in accumulating White Tara mantras for the Long Life and continued Excellent Health of our beloved guru, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. 



Training on the Bodhisattva Way

Bodhisattva Retreats
led by Lopon Barbara DuBois

* May 31st  – June 2nd

 Saga Dawa
Chenrezig Practice
Nyung Ne Retreat

With Venerable Khenpo Tenzin

Chenrezig Practice: June 12 – 14
 Nyung Ne Retreat: June 15 – 17

Saga Dawa Duchen is considered among the most holy times in Tibetan Buddhism. It is said that at this time, the karma of all positive and negative actions is multiplied 100 million times. Because of this multiplying effect, this is a golden opportunity to accomplish vast merit and virtue in a short amount of time.

This year, the Garchen Institute will celebrate Saga Dawa with a Special three day Chenrezig Practice, June 12 – 14, followed by our annual Nyung Ne Retreat, June 15 – 17.

You may attend any portion of the Chenrezig Practice, but you must attend the entire Nyung Ne Retreat, as it is one complete practice.

 Sunday Dharma Talks

With Venerable Khenpo Tenzin

Free Public Talk
 May 26th/ 10:30-12pm

Followed by regular meditation class & practices (every Sunday when there is no other event):

Learn How to Meditate 1pm – 2pm  &
White Tara Practice  2 -3:30pm 

Love is the only cause of happiness. It’s nature is all pervasive like space. Love is the sunlight of the mind.  ~H.E. Garchen Rinpoche