Accommodation Reservations


Accommodation Reservations

After 8/6/16 all non-event accommodations are reserved on this page. accommodations for events are reserved under the specific event registration link. Meals are not provided when booking here.

  • Your reservation is not active until paid in full (we are no longer using the Deposit system).
  • Unfortunately, we cannot promise that people with chemical sensitivities will have no problem here, we will do our best however to accommodate individual needs.    Our land is very wild with occasional high pollen counts and is very dusty.  Because of the large number of people who use our facility, to ensure cleanliness we are obliged to use strong cleaning agents.  Burning incense and performing smoke offerings is an important part of our traditional rituals.

(Please visit our Events page to book Tuition and Meals for an event.)

Please call or email to book the Guest House, Dorm, or Deluxe Retreat Hut.
Please see our Event Guide for more information.