Blessing Balm,
Blessing Pills & Bracelets

Our beloved Garchen Rinpoche has kindly offered clear instructions regarding how to use these blessing items.  In these instructions he mentions three things we should do:

  1. Apply Blessing Balm from the Gyanagma Prayer Wheel to our nostrils daily
    The holy Gyanagma Prayer Wheel is at Gargon Monastery. It is a sacred relic that has not stopped spinning for many decades. The balm is made from a buttery salve used to keep this prayer wheel spinning. This is the balm Rinpoche uses to bless us, and ritual items. Rinpoche has said we only need apply the smallest discernible amount.

  2. Take Blessing Pills (dutsi)
    Sometimes there is a shortage of Blessing Pills. Consequently we have a finite amount and are rationing what we can send. Garchen Rinpoche has advised each of us to dissolve one pill in a bottle of water and to take one sip each day. This method will have the same benefit and let your supply last longer.

  3. Wear Liberation on Sight bracelets

If you do not already have these items, we will happily send you a Blessing Kit. These gifts are given freely however we welcome a donation to cover shipping and packaging if you are able.   If you are in a position to donate a little more to assist us in sending these to all that wish to receive these benefits, we are most grateful for the support.

 To make a request that includes a donation:

 Please CLICK HERE  and  you will be taken to a special request/donation page.
Please provide a telephone number that you can be reached at if you live outside of the United States. Non-US Customs may want to reach you and discuss before releasing the package into the country of your residence.

To make a request without a donation:

Please send an email with Blessing Kit in the subject line, & include your name & mailing address to, or call the office at 928-925-1237.

 Due to limiting our trips to town, please be aware that we will be sending mail out once a week on Tuesdays because of the current restrictions.  

Thank you for your support & understanding.

May all beings have happiness and its causes.
May they be free from suffering and its causes.
May they always be one with true happiness and joy.
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.