Building Projects

Building Projects at the Garchen Buddhist Institute:



While we remain closed the construction projects are progressing!

Since H.E. Garchen Rinpoche is residing full time at the Garchen Buddhist Institute now,  he wishes to expand the infrastructure of the Institute to better meet your needs. Due to all of your generosity more people will be able to experience the inconceivable benefits of the Dharma and the extraordinary blessings of this sacred place.


  • Guest Lodge / Office / Gift Shop
  • Lhundrup Yongkham – Spontaneous Gathering Place (Named by Garchen Rinpoche) Multi Purpose Building: Overflow temple space / Guest Accommodations / Yoga Studio/ Guest Luggage Storage/ Guest and Staff Bath/ Garchen Rinpoche’s room
  • Covered Walkway
  • Bathouse Renovation
  • Solar Systems / Carport
  • Water Tanks
  • Storage Shed
  • Paving Road

Due to the extraordinary generosity of many sponsors and donations from the worldwide sangha we are so happy to announce that the fundraising goals for the building projects are complete!  The covered walkway and sidewalk expansion has been completed. The construction on the new guest lodge/ office/gift shop building has been completed and only the outside  areas are left to finish. The renovation of the bathhouse is nearly complete.The Spontaneous Gathering Place – multi purpose building should be complete by June 2022.    The construction of the solar systems, carport, storage shed and water tanks for fire protection and catchment should be complete by summer 2022.  Garchen Rinpoche has instructed that all the buildings on campus are to be  painted white with red trim, which are the traditional colors of monasteries in Tibet.  The white color symbolizes compassion and the red color symbolizes wisdom.  The tibetan artists plan to finish the decorative painting on the buildings by summer 2022.  The paving of our road is underway and should be completed in by summer 2022.

We have a great team of highly skilled architects, engineers and contractors that are working hard to make our dreams manifest.


Building Project Costs $2,502,795 
Road Cost $411,112 

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