The Dharma center is very precious and to keep it open depends only on the support of students. Although we started the center, if we do not find the support of sangha it would be impossible to remain in the future. If you are supporting the Dharma center you will receive great merit in this and all future lifetimes, and all happiness relies on merit. . .  ~H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

We offer both one-time and monthly donation options.

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一個佛法中心是非常珍貴的,要能持續開放,全都得靠弟子們的支持。雖然我們開辦了這個中心,但如果沒有大家的支持,我們未來就可能就難以維繫下去。如果你能支持中心,你將在今生和所有未來生世中獲得巨大的功德,所有的安樂都來自於功德。 . . ~尊貴的噶千仁波切



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