Perched high above the semi-nomadic Tibetan village of GarGon at 4,200 meters sits Garchen Institute Tibet, which is part of Gar Monastery. Founded by Garchen Rinpoche as a monastic university, Garchen Institute Tibet has transformed to become a center for Eco-Dharma. Courses are offered to all who desire to deepen their connection with nature and their understanding of Buddhist practice and philosophy.

Pureland Travels promotes physical and spiritual well-being through recognizing the interdependent relationship between humans and nature. Garchen Institute Tibet leverages best practices to support Tibetan nomads in Tibet and spread their wisdom to the Western world. Our aspiration is to support sustainable living practices in Tibet and the Americas.

The Institute’s purpose is to support and encourage sustainable living rooted in human-nature connection. Garchen Institute Tibet provides sustainability and wellness education and resources to Tibetan nomadic people while sharing their wisdom of sustainable practices to the rest of the world. 

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