Garchen Rinpoche’s
Amitabha Designs

These images were designed by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche to support our meditation practice. They express what he sees, and he has said anyone may use them freely. High resolution downloads are suitiable for large-format printing.

Buddha Amitabha.

Garchen Rinpoche said, “When I close my eyes and think of Amitābha, this is what appears.”

Regarding the rainbow, Garchen Rinpoche said, “It is very meaningful to put an image inside a rainbow. When a Dzogchen practitioner looks at the sun while practicing Togal, there are many rainbow circles appearing naturally in the sun. When we visualize something inside a rainbow circle, the image will appear quickly. Images in a thangka or picture do not appear in our mind so easily. Rainbows appear naturally. When we think of the yidam and so on inside a rainbow circle, the image will appear very quickly in our mind.”

May all beings benefit!