Garchen Rinpoche’s

These images were designed by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche to support our meditation practice.
They express what he sees, and he has said anyone may use them freely.

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Regarding the rainbow, Garchen Rinpoche said, “ It is very meaningful to put an image inside a rainbow. When a Dzogchen practitioner looks at the sun while practicing Togal, there are many rainbow circles appearing naturally in the sun. When we visualize something inside a rainbow circle, the image will appear quickly. Images in a thangka or picture do not appear in our mind so easily. Rainbows appear naturally. When we think of the yidam and so on inside a rainbow circle, the image will appear very quickly in our mind.”

May all beings benefit!


Buddha Amitabha.

Garchen Rinpoche said, “When I close my eyes and think of Amitābha, this is what appears to me.” Download Garchen Rinpoche’s full explanation of this image HERE.

Chenrezig, as he appeared to Garchen Rinpoche, with 1000 hands and 1000 eyes.

White Tara as she appeared to Garchen Rinpoche.

Samantabhadra yabyum, as they appeared to Garchen Rinpoche. Rinpoche has said that the central vein of the Bodhi leaf is like the central channel, and all the veins emerging from it are like all the subtle channels throughout our bodies and we should view our channels this way

Yamantaka, slayer of the lord of death.

……….Fire Flame

Hung syllable



Yamantaka Flame, round

……….Gurus, Mahasiddhas, Yogis

Garchen Rinpoche with Milarepa. The quote in ENGLISH reads, “Rechung Dorje Dragpa, the well-learned Buddhist scholar, listen carefully to what I have to say. Before faith and yearning for the dharma have arisen, do not beg for alms for mere enjoyment.” Enlarge

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s personal statue of Milarepa

Garchen Rinpoche with Milarepa. The same image and quote as above, however in TIBETAN script.


Khenpo Munsel Rinpoche

Palyulpa Khenpo Tenzin Zangbo

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche.

A young Garchen Rinpoche wearing the wheel of joy hat of longevity.

Garchen Rinpoche in Meditation

Young Gar Mingyur Rinpoche, wearing the wheel of joy hat of longevity

Garchen Rinpoche’s mother, Dekyi Yangzom

Adruk Gonpo Tashi wearing the wheel of joy hat of longevity

“Love & Compassion”,
in Garchen Rinpoche’s handwriting