Dharma Luminosity
Pervades the Bardo of Pandemia

by: Lopon Barbar Du Bois

A bardo is like an island in a lake, says Chogyam Trungpa in his commentary on the Bardo Thotrol: The Great Liberation through Hearing in the Bardo (The Tibetan Book of the Dead). “The concept of bardo is based on the period between sanity and insanity, or … between confusion and the confusion just about to be transformed into wisdom; and of course it could be said of the experience which stands between birth and death. The past situation has just occurred and the future situation has not yet manifested itself so there is a gap between the two. This is basically the bardo experience.”

Surely we recognize here our current experience in Pandemia: the entire globe, beautiful Planet Earth and her inhabitants, caught up in the explosive, terrifying, dangerous coronavirus pandemic. No escape.

How shall we be with this? Arising from our true need and longing, this question draws to us the brilliant light of the Dharma. Let us sit together—apart only in appearance—and call forth the wisdom of this very moment: the clarity and strength that are the essence of this great confusion and danger.

Teachings, practice, silence, communication… and communion.