Smoke Offering

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Smoke offering at lama house

This is a recordig of a smoke offering at the lama house, including H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, the lamas and members of the sangha. They chant the “Rainfall of Benefit and Happiness”, which contains both the Smoke Offering (first in this recording after the six mantras and mudras) as well as Summoning Good Fortune (Dzambala).

The English verse is chanted simultaneously with the Tibetan.

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Rainfall of Benefit & Happiness

This sadhana was assembled by Garchen Rinpoche and is very precious. It includes practices and prayers Rinpoche would like us to do together.

At Rinpoche’s request, many of these practices were Versified in English so that the English and Tibetan match syllabicly. It is Rinpoche’s wish that the English verse be chanted simultaneously with the Tibetan.

The Rainfall of Benefit Sadhana includes the following practices:

  • Six Mantras & Mudras
  • Smoke Offering
  • Summoning Good Fortune
  • World Peace Prayer
  • Supplication to Chenrezig
  • Prose-only Translation of Smoke Offering.

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