Teachings, Transcripts, Sacred Writings

by various profound masters, including H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

Teachings, Commentaries, Instruction, Writings

These writings are by great masters of the Vajrayana path.
Transcripts and writings by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche can be found below.

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Four Yogas of Mahamudra

The Four Yogas of Mahāmudrā by the Yogin Darma Wangchuk

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Gampopa: A precious garland of the supreme path


Geshe Ngwang Phuntsok - sojong teachings




Jigten Sumgon's Song of 5-fold realization




Milarepa's Happy Misery Song

 Trilingual (Tibetan / Chinese / English)

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Patrul Rinpoche - sojong teachings





Sutra of Recollecting the Three Jewels


The Union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen

Instructions imparted to the Gelong Karma Rinchen by the learned
and accomplished Rāga Asya.

Trilingual – Tibetan / Chinese / English

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Vajra Speech of the Essence of the Ultimate

Composed by Ngoje Repa, this is a poetic pith instruction on the true nature of reality.


H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s teachings, messages & advice

Transcripts & Other Writings

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Advice to Retreatants

Alms Bowl Teaching: its meaning and benefits

Amitabha Rainbow Spheres

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s vision of infinite Amitabha’s within rainbow spheres.

Trilingual (Tibetan / English / Chinese)

A high resolution photo of this image can be seen and downloaded HERE

Birthday Message to Sangha

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche Offered a message to the sangha on his birthday, April 15, 2020. During this time of pandemic, he asks us to practice four special lines of the Shantideva prayer.

Chod Teachings

Transcript of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s Chod Teachings, from 1999.

Covid-19 Messages & Instructions

All of Rinpoche’s instructions and messages of hope regarding the pandemic are available HERE as videos or written transcripts. This page also gathers, in one place, all the prayers and practices recommended by Garchen Rinpoche to help us through this trying time.

Death and Dying: instruction book, visualizations & rituals


  • Book on Death & Dying: A downloadable book written and assembled by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, rich with instruction, images and prayers to help us through the bardo of death, to help those in the process of dying, and help surviving loved ones deal with grief and loss.
  • Visualization: How to visualize Buddha Amitabha at the time of death (English):

  • Teachings: The Jangchok Inscription for the Dead practice, called “Burning Away Afflictions”.

    The practice text itself is available on our Sadhana page.

Encouraging Disciples: continue with drubchens & practices

Excellent Time to Practice - message given may 2020

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche delivered this message on May 3rd 2020, to encourage us to use this time of pandemic to practice for all sentient beings.

Guru Rinpoche: teachings on the Vajra Guru Mantra

Hung, Drikung Symbol & Liberation on Sight Teachings

Instructions for conceiving a child

Jangchok - Burning Away Afflictions - Teachings

“Letter to My Teacher, the Lama of the Many Lifetimes”

Introduction to H. E. Garchen Rinpoche’s Biography

Meditation Instructions

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Message to Sangha Before Entering Month-long Retreat, March 16, 2020

We are one in meditation; Dedication prayer.

Om Ah Hung Teachings - book

 A bilingual (Chinese & English) book for download

Quotes from H.E.Garchen Rinpoche - several book collections

Various Collections
  • Quotes from the Precious One: A downloadable book of 108 quotes from His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche with 108 photos. Many thanks to Drikung Dharma Surya Center for this wonderful compilation.
  • Gar Quotes Volume One: A book/collection of Garchen Rinpoche’s pith instructions and quotes. Bilinugal in Chinese and English.
  • Gar Quotes Volume Two: A book/collection of Garchen Rinpoche’s pith instructions and quotes. Bilinugal in Chinese and English.

Refuge Teachings - 3 teachings

  • Explanation of the Refuge Card
  • Rinpoche’s Book of Refuge Teachings – Bilingual, Chinese & English
  • The History of Giving Refuge

Ritual Instruments of the Vajra Master

Samadhi Empowerment Teachings

Saving the Environment - the importance of our actions and prayers

This is H. E. Garchen Rinpoche’s call to all practitioners to practice for the benefit of Mother Earth and the Environment. He wrote this statement in 2015 and asked that it be disseminated far and wide. Reading it today, his words are indeed prophetic. He tells us that we must love one another, thus creating balance of the elements on the inner level, which will in turn be reflected in balance of the elements on the outer level, in the world around us. If we do not do this, Rinpoche says that “hatred and jealousy will increase in this world, and love will decline. This will lead to an increase of heat in the world, and in the end the world will go up in flames.”

See Other's Good Qualities, Not Their Faults: a commentary & instruction

“Someone with a truly virtuous mind does not look at worldly faults. Seeing faults in others is your own fault, and therefore it is you who are mistaken.” From the Altar Sutra by the Sixth Patriarch Huineng.

Six Mantras & Six Mudras

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s explantion of the six mantras and six mudras used during smoke offering and inscription for the dead.

The Six Syllables and Om Ah Hung

Meaning and Importance of these syllables in the Vajrakilaya and Inscription for the Dead Practices.

  • Text of Rinpoche’s Teaching. A Printable Card of the Six Syllables is available at the end of this text
  • Video of Rinpoche’s Teaching
    Click Here

The Successive Line of Kyabje Garchen Rinpoche's Manifestations

A brief account of the history of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s manifestations, an account composed by the Ven. Lama Thubten Nyima, also called Ven. Gape Lama, and translated into English by Ina Bieler in 2012, edited and revised in 2020.

Tara Teachings - various

  • A Brief Instruction
  • How Tara Saved Me From Great Dangers: Narratives by Garchen Rinpoche

Tonglen Teaching - giving and taking

Given in Kathmandu, Nepal, 2007

Vajrakilaya Q & A

Garchen Rinpoche answer questions during the 2019 Vajrakilaya Drubchen.


World Peace Prayer - Call to Practice! - message given september 20 2020

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche urges us all to practice the World Peace Prayer to overcome all the negativities and difficulties the world now faces.