The Way of the Bodhisattva
by Shantideva

In June 2024, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche gave teachings on Lama Chöpa and has instructed his disciples to read a dedication prayer as much as possible. Please post the number of recitations of this prayer on the home page.

H.E Garchen Rinpoche’s appeal to all disciples:
“This year, all my disciples should recite the dedication prayer from Bodhisattvacaryavatara (The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva). Regardless of their religious background, all sentient beings wish to be free from suffering and enjoy happiness. If you recite and accumulate this dedication prayer for the benefit of all sentient beings, billions of Buddhas will also join you in your recitation.”

 The Way of The Bodhisattva by Shantideva on page 61.
( If you are unable to recite the entire prayer, then at minimum understand the meaning of verse #49 in the prayer)

Birthday Film and Video Message


Teachings on the Four Kilyas


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2022 Chinese New Year Message

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Happy New Year! Losar Tashi Delek! All my disciples, all my Dharma friends in eastern countries, such as Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan, Los Angeles, Virginia, and Seattle: Losar Tashi Delek! I wish you a Happy New Year and I pray for your long lives! Losar, or the New Year, is a time when we celebrate love as those who love one another gather together. There is nothing more important than love in both the Dharma and the world. Love is happiness and the cause of happiness in this and all future lives. In the holy Dharma it is called bodhicitta. Humans on a worldly level call it love. So, confess all the failures and declines in love that occurred in the preceding year, and renew the love you had before. Please pray for the continuation of your newly awakened love as it develops into bodhicitta. Tashi Delek to all my friends who have gathered here!

Translated by Ina Bieler on February 1, 2022.


札西得勒!臺灣、新加坡、越南、中國、日本、洛杉磯、維吉尼亞、西雅圖等地的東方弟 子及朋友們, 新年快樂!願大家長壽!




Bodhicitta: H.E. Garchen Rinpoche and Bees

Garchen Rinpoche and bees

End of 2021 Reports

In 2021 H.E. Garchen Rinpoche gave Refuge from Afar to 1062 students online, who discovered Rinpoche online!


For all of the Medicine Buddha Mantras that have been accumulated – 3,304,424,224,123

Garchen Rinpoche wants you to know some of the benefits of your efforts to accumulate this vast number.

Over 475 mantras will beneift each person of the total human population on the planet, which is over 7 billion!

Those who died will have a human rebirth. Those who are sick will quickly recover and those who have good health will not get sick.

Training in the Channels and Winds, and Purifying Through the Descent of Nectar

In September 2021, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche offered a new visualization of Vajrasattva entitled Training in the Channels and Winds, and Purifying Through the Descent of Nectar

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H.E. Garchen Rinpoche requests students to watch this video.
Faith Deepens through Miracles!

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NEW TEACHING VIDEOS by H.E. Garchen Rinpoche.

Made available by the Garchen Dharma Institute in Taiwan

October 10, 2020

The Gargon Committee recently wrote an important  letter to all of the noble sangha and dharma centers in H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s worldwide mandala. It’s a request for those of us who are disciples of H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, to organize and participate in long life ceremonies and practices for H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. Next year will be a year of astrological challenges for His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, so it is of utmost importance that we practice with pure intent and great devotion for his long life.  Submit your White Tara accumulations here at Drikung Rinchen Choling. Please note that H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s current health is very good.

This is a video message from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche on October 10,2020

“Tashi Delek dear Dharma friends, disciples around the world! 

An announcement was sent out by the Gargon Committee mentioning “a year of astrological challenges”. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with me, I do not have a single sickness, I am extremely well. If there is one general practice that is important for us all to be concerned with, it is the recitation of the World Peace Prayer. The way the world is becoming corresponds very closely to the words in the World Peace Prayer. Therefore, I am asking everyone to recite the World Peace Prayer and to cultivate love and compassion. You should be concerned with the World Peace Prayer, rather than worrying about me because I am doing very well. So please don’t worry about me, worry about the whole world. Many Tashi Deleks!”  ~ H.E. Garchen Rinpoche 

Translation of video message by Ina Bieler


September 20, 2020

It is important to recite the World Peace Prayer many times, because it says that all the difficulties we experience in the world are created by people – within the people. [These difficulties] are actually created by the minds of the people.

The World Peace Prayer says that evil thoughts are rampant in these times. These are times when beings are overcome by thoughts of hatred, anger and jealousy. And [these thoughts] are what really cause all the harm in the world. This is how we try to destroy one another and harm one another.

Therefore, it is most important to change this state of mind and cultivate a mind of love and compassion for one another, just like it is said in this World Peace Prayer. All these negativities, all the difficulties we now experience in the world are really overcome if we cultivate a mind of love and compassion.

So therefore, it is important to engage in this practice, to recite this prayer many times.
Many Tashi Dalek! Everybody sangha, all the sangha… we are actually very close. And actually, we are always together.

Chino Valley, AZ, USA on September 20, 2020.
Translated by Ina Bieler

HIDDEN Place Holder - do not change


Excellent Time to Practice, May 3 2020

This is an excellent opportunity to practice the Dharma. In your homes, practice your own yidam deities, such as Vajrakilaya, Yamantaka, Chenrezig, or Tara. Use this time to pray for things to get better again. And I am not only talking about Buddhist prayers. All prayers of all religions will be very beneficial. If you wish to recite a Buddhist prayer, I have requested disciples to recite four lines from Shantideva’s dedication:

“May every being ailing with disease
be freed at once from every malady.
May all the sickness that afflicts the living
be instantly and permanently healed.”

When you recite this prayer, the buddhas of the three times pray together with you. All Buddhists in the world join within the words of this prayer, and thereby our minds will merge. In this way, we accumulate great merit together, which will help move the world into a better direction. Of course, if you don’t pray, there won’t be any merit. It is very important to pray at this time. So, aside from meeting in our minds, we will also continue to meet on live-stream. I will join the White Tara practice every Sunday and it will be live-streamed. During the week I will be in retreat and I will be praying and meditating day and night. If you pray and meditate too, we will always be together.

Chino Valley, AZ, USA on May 3, 2020.
Translated by Ina Bieler

Birthday Message, April 15 2020

Many disciples around the world expressed their wish to hold prayer services for my birthday. But what’s more important than praying on my birthday is to think about the great difficulties everyone is experiencing in the world due to the pandemic. This is something that we should all pray for.

So all the Buddhists in the world should recite one particular prayer together. Four lines from Shantideva’s Way of a Bodhisattva. They are very easy to recite. It’s a prayer wishing for all those who are sick to fully recover. So please on my birthday, it’s my wish for you to accumulate this 4 line prayer as much as you can, ideally 100 million times. That will help with the healing of this illness in this world and will also benefit my health and my long life. It’s also a great accumulation of merit.

As a gift to you on my birthday, I’m offering to you the Bodhisattva vows. Actually we always have to retake the Bodhisattva vows, throughout the 3 periods of the day and 3 periods of the night. But because many people want to receive the vow, I’m offering it on my birthday.

Regarding my own lineage of the Bodhisattva Vow, it is very precious and I have received it from several of the elder Lamas in Tibet but most importantly I received it twice from His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I have just completed a month long retreat and actually this is what I’ve been accumulating in my retreat, these 4 lines. They are very powerful and easy to recite and accumulate. So everyone please recite these 4 lines, many times, as much as you can. And of course we will hold other practices on the birthday but these 4 lines are most important. So on an ongoing basis, in your day to day life, continue to accumulate these 4 lines like a mantra. It would be ideal if you can submit your numbers, via email to the center.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, April 15, 2020, Chino Valley, AZ, USA.

Translated by Ina Bieler

4 LINE PRAYER TO RECITE – (in the blue prayer book, page 64, verse 21)

May every being ailing with disease
Be freed at once from every malady.
May all the sickness that afflicts the living
Be instantly and permanently healed.

Message Prior to Retreat, March 16 2020

Even though I will be in retreat for a month, people can still listen to my teachings. Since I will be meditating in retreat, my mind merges into one with anyone else who is meditating too. The meditative state is the state of all the buddhas’ mind—they are always resting in the natural condition of the mind. When you meditate, you become one with my mind and the mind of all the buddhas—you become one with the space-like nature of mind that transcends birth and death. So don’t think that because I’m in retreat that I’m gone. Whenever you meditate we are together.

Whatever virtue you practice, there are many dedication prayers to dedicate these virtues. Often people request lamas to preform dedication prayers on their behalf. Actually, there is no need to ask for this because you should recite these dedication prayers yourself.

At the end of the Sūtra of the Three Heaps there is a dedication prayer that is concise yet complete in meaning; it can easily be recited by anyone. I encourage you to recite this as a dedication prayer whenever you engage in practice:

Just as the previous Bhagavan buddhas
have perfectly dedicated, just as the
future Bhagavan buddhas will perfectly
dedicate, and just as the present
Bhagavan buddhas perfectly dedicate,
like that I too dedicate perfectly.
I confess each and every wrong-
doing and rejoice in all merit. I urge and
supplicate to all the buddhas: May I attain
the highest, most sublime primordial
wisdom! With my palms joined together I
wholeheartedly take refuge in all those
who possess qualities as vast as an
infinite ocean: to the buddhas, the best of
humans, who are living in the present,
those who have lived in the past, and
likewise, those who will come.

This is the supreme dedication and it also includes refuge. It is endowed with great blessings as it was spoken by the Buddha himself.

All the disciples—we are always together. Buddha is like a big tree. The tree knows that its branches and leaves belong to him. Some branches break and some dry out; these are the many sentient beings who experience suffering. Some branches know that they belong to one single tree; these are those beings who understand Buddha. These branches will not dry out. For as long as you believe, “I am a separate individual,” you will be controlled by karma and afflictive emotions and thus you become like dry or broken tree branch. Some of the branches of a tree dry out, while other branches blossom with flowers and leaves. When you realize the view of Mahāmudrā, you know, “We are all branches of the same Buddha tree. The basis of our mind is one and the same.” Saṃsāra and nirvāṇa have a single basis, which is like the trunk of a tree. This knowledge is referred to as “meditating in the state of Mahāmudrā.” Meditation means to look at the nature of your mind, and cultivating love and compassion, untainted by self-grasping, is the cause of becoming a Buddha. The Buddha said: “All sentient beings are actually buddhas.” When you understand this, you have understood the view of Mahāmudrā. Then you will understand that, as it is said in the Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva, “the way things appear is one’s own mind.”

Many Tashi Delek to everyone!

Garchen Rinpoche, March 16, 2020, Chino Valley, USA

Translated by Ina Bieler.

COVID-19 Messages & Instructions

CLICK HERE to go to our Coronavirus resource page. All of Rinpoche’s instructions and messages of hope regarding the  pandemic are available here as video or written transcripts. This page also gathers, in one place, all the prayers and practices recommended by Garchen Rinpoche to help us through this trying time.

Rinpoche's Retirement in Arizona

To read about H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s retirement in Arizona, USA, please CLICK HERE


For protection during this Coronavirus pandemic, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has kindly instructed us to apply blessing balm, take blessing pills, and wear the Libertion on Sight bracelets. To receive these items and learn how to use them, Click Here.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s Instructions

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche’s birthday wish is for everyone to accumulate two very important prayers.

Shantideva’s Four Lines for the relief of disease and sickness, especially during the pandemic.

For those who have received Bodhisattva vows, you must recite the Homage to Bodhicitta three times in the morning and three times in the evening.

Text of Shantideva's Four Lines

May every being ailing with disease
Be freed at once from every malady.
May all the sickness that afflicts the living
Be instantly and permanently healed.

Homage to Bodhicitta

Dispelling existences in the lower realms,
Showing the path to the higher realms,
Leading to the cessation of aging and death,
I pay homage to the precious Bodhicitta.

Translation Highlights

From the text–   “To take the 8 Mahayana Precepts, Imagine all mother sentient beings, limitless as the sky, are gathered here.  Think I am taking the 8 Mahayana precepts for the sake of all mother sentient beings, boundless as the sky. Then take the 8 vows.  If you take just one of the vows for one day or for however long you can take it, it has great benefit. The Moon Lamp Sutra says – In this age of degeneration, if you just keep one vow for one day or night – this is more merit than offering to thousands of Buddhas in the past when the dharma widely flourished.  In this life, the benefits are immense. Mother sentient beings are liberated from the lower realms. It purifies greed, disease, and karmic results of all negativities.  Finally it will liberate you from samsara.  As Guru Rinpoche said  “ These precepts are for purifying non virtues and to increase virtues.”  The Mantra of Pure Discipline is the essence of the six perfections and when you recite this mantra, you will receive the same benefit of the Buddhas of the three times.   It will purify all your broken vows and samayas and will help you to keep your vows purely in the future.  Buddha Maitreya recited the Dharani mantra three times in the day and three times in the night, accumulating merit equal to many eons.  H.E. Garchen Rinpoche:   “ You should dedicate the merit because it’s possible anger and other afflictive emotions can arise that could destroy your merit.”  “Recite Gelongma Palmo’s praise, because it has such great benefit. Gelongma Palmo had leprosy and recited the praise and was cured of leprosy.”

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