Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

As we all know, Rinpoche will turn 83 soon. Many disciples and doctors have expressed their concern about Rinpoche’s demanding schedule and have urged that his travel schedule and teaching times be reduced. Rinpoche has always tried to fulfill everybody’s requests and needs, working tirelessly, without regard for his own health. Due to Rinpoche’s advancing age, he cannot continue to exert himself like he did at a younger age. Our committee of lamas have thoroughly discussed all of these issues and have decided on the following solutions.

From now on, centers that are hosting Garchen Rinpoche when he is traveling are asked to follow these newly created rules. Except for group retreats such drubchens, all other events should be limited to 2 1/2 days of programs within one week. If an empowerment is given, please keep in mind that Rinpoche needs at least three hours for the self-empowerment. Therefore, empowerments should only be scheduled in the afternoon, and not in the morning and evenings. In addition, there shall be no more evening events. Thus, there should be no more than two sessions of program a day.

If Rinpoche is arriving on an intercontinental flight from a different time-zone, hosting centers should allow 7 days of complete rest as Rinpoche now requires more time to adjust. When traveling within one continent, please allow two days of rest upon arrival and at least one day before departure.

Thank you for your understanding.

Lama Abao (on behalf of the Gargon Lama Committee) on November 30th, 2018

The Vajrakilaya text is now available in electronic-book format for Mac or Windows/Android from the GarChoiding Trust. Please click HERE if you’d like to obtain a copy.

New Office Building and Bath House

The first phase of planned improvements to the Institute property – the fulfillment of Garchen Rinpoche’s wish – is becoming a reality! A new structure, built across from the existing office/bookstore, will house the office, a large and well designed bookstore, and staff rooms. The new bookstore will be a comfortable, well designed place to shop, while the added staff rooms will open up additional rooms for guests.

The existing office/bookstore will be converted into a bath house with additional showers, spacious lavatory facilities, and lockers. Plans have been drawn and approved, and we are beginning the approval processes with the county zoning commission.

Click Here to support Rinpoche’s vision for the future.

Covered Walkway

Due to the kind sponsorship of a generous sangha member, a lovely new covered walk-way will be built connecting the temple to the present office building and cafeteria entrance. For those of you who have participated in the Yamantaka drupchen, this is the path taken by the “tunnel”, and the covered walkway will be designed for easy conversion during the drupchen. It will be a graceful addition to our property, providing shade and beauty year ‘round. We are deeply grateful to our generous sponsor.

Policy for Attending Events and Retreats

The facilities of the Garchen Buddhist Institute are available only to persons who are accepted as students participating in a specific event or program relating to Buddhist studies or specific retreat.

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