Transportation to the Garchen Buddhist Institute

The Garchen Buddhist Institute is located 9.5 miles off of E. Perkinsville Road in Chino Valley, Az, 86323

Driving to the Institute

Driving to the Institute from Phoenix

If you are driving north up from Phoenix you will eventually take State Route 89 north into Chino Valley. The closest landmark to Perkinsville Road is the Safeway, Chino Valley location.

Perkinsville Road is the first major round-a-bout you will get to. Bear right at the round-a-bout and once you hit Perkinsville set your odometer to 9.5 miles.

The 9.5 Mile Journey on Perkinsville Road – (by the way it’s beautiful)

You will enter a dirt road and go past three landmarks before encountering the Garchen Buddhist Institute gate. If you did not pass all three of the following landmarks you have not made it yet!  If using GPS, click here for map. The 3 Landmarks are:

  1. First you will pass a Chemex, cement factory
  2. Next you will pass a sign that says Cattle Auctions
  3. Finally you will see a Ranch House at eye level with a windmill. We are about two minutes past the ranch house on the right-hand side.

On the paved portion of Perkinsville Road, at all hours of the day or night and any day of the week you may encounter a police car hiding in wait for speeders.If you are going over 5+ miles over the speed limit you may be stopped and cited. If you are going over 20 miles an hour over the speed limit you may be cited for criminal speeding and the fine is around $400 dollars. The speed limit on the first half of Perkinsville Road is 30mph.

Taking the Shuttle to the Institute

Step 1–Arizona Shuttle

Arizona Shuttle provides shuttles from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Prescott.  Call 800-888-2749 or 928-442-1000 for reservations and schedules.

If you take the shuttle from Phoenix to Prescott, you will still need to arrange for transportation from Prescott.  Options are getting a ride with another retreatant, or taking a taxi.





Step 2–Taxi Service from Prescott to Garchen Institute




  • Tri City Cab Company – $30 flat rate from Arizona Shuttle base if you say ‘Garchen Institute Flat Rate Fee’ when making your reservation.  (928) 445-6500
  • First Class Taxi – $55 flat rate from Arizona Shuttle base in Prescott if you say ‘Garchen Institute Flat Rate’ upon reservation.  (928) 772-3000

Rideshare to the Institute

Those who wish to ride share and carpool are suggested to use the site: and set up a listing under “Garchen Institute” This is not managed by GBI but given as an option for those wishing to co-ordinate their own efforts.