Precious Englightenment, the Source of Benefit and Bliss
by Mipham

Emanation body, embodiment of the wisdom, compassion,
and ability of the buddhas and bodhisattvas
of the ten directions and the three times,
Drikungpa, protector of beings in the Land of Snows,
well-known as Ratna Shri,
please grant us the blessings of excellent virtue.

Though you have been enlightened, lord,
since beginningless time,
your manifestations of compassionate wisdom
will remain for as long as samsara exists.
You display various emanations again and again.
I bow down to you who bear the great burden
of protecting all beings.

You established, through the doors of study and practice,
the methods of the Mahayana in this Land of Snows.
The sun of your activities pervades the whole world.
I bow down to you, Lord Jigten Sumgon.

You promised to gaze, with unfailing compassion,
on whoever supplicates you with respect.
We are your followers in this degenerate age.
Who else can we rely on?

Therefore, now, when we supplicate you with devotion
from our hearts,
do not forget your former great promise.
Please spontaneously accomplish the essence of our wish
to increase the number of authentic masters
and to spread the teachings.

Please pacify the disheartening circumstances
of this degenerate age.
Further increase the glory and good qualities
of the world and its inhabitants.
Please grant your blessings so that all the gathered virtues
of the sacred and the secular without exception
may be expanded in this place.

The core of the thought of the victorious ones
of the three times
is the path of mahamudra, the pinnacle of the ultimate meaning.
Please establish and expand this path
in all directions and times.
Please grant your blessings to increase the good qualities
of the three trainings.

In this way, may these results that we have hoped for
ripen as we have wished.
By these excellent virtues, may the glory of auspiciousness,
the light of all that is marvelous,
pervade the three worlds.