Reservation and Refund Policy

For short stays:

  • To reserve a spot in the dorm or guest house, hut, or retreat cabin, full payment must be received at time of reservation or registration. 
  • If you subsequently cancel your reservation, a refund of the amount paid minus a processing fee of one day’s rent will be returned only if the spot is rented by another person.  
  • If it is not rented there will be no refund.

 For longer staysTo reserve a spot for two weeks or longer for formal silent solitary retreat, one must give a deposit of one month’s rent upon reservation.

 Refunds after preregistration for events: 

  • The tuition portion is refundable, the meal portion is not
  • The lodging portion is refundable only if one has preregistered for indoor or outdoor camping, or if the spot in the dorm, guest house, or retreat hut can be filled.

To request a refund, contact the Institute.