Request for the Teacher to Remain as the Vajra Body, Speech and Mind

Your indestructible vajra body of great bliss, visible and yet empty, Fully adorned with the youthfulness of the major and minor marks, Is the marvelous embodiment of the victorious ones, the nirmanakaya to teach beings. May your life be firm as the unchanging vajra body. Your unobstructed vajra speech audible and yet empty, voice of the profound and secret teachings, endowed with sixty qualities, is the Sambhogakaya manifest in accordance with the inclination of beings. May your life be firm as the unceasing vajra speech.
Your vajra mind beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing, cognizant and yet empty, profound and luminous wakefulness, the sphere from which all dharmas originate, is the all-pervasive lord, the dharmakaya essence of the victorious ones. May your life be firm as the unmistaken vajra mind. Sun of the Buddha activity in the all-pervading sky, Radiating welfare and happiness beyond rising and setting, Eminent sustainer who makes the lotus garden of the teachings and beings bloom, may you shine for one hundred aeons. Composed by Terdak Lingpa Gyurmay Dorje


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