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Garchen Rinpoche Birthday Celebration. Long Life Puja, and Amitayus Billion Mantra Accumulation. April 14, 2018

Out of deepest devotion to the our beloved guru, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, Drigar Thubten Dargye Ling, Singapore, has organized a Long Life Puja which includes the accumulation of One Billion Amitayus mantras by April 14, 20918, Rinpoche’s birthday, for his long life and good health. They invite all of Rinpoche’s worldwide sangha to help achieve this mantra goal, and to pray for Rinpoche’s health and long life, that he may continue to turn the Wheel of Dharma for the benefit of all beings for many years to come.

Drigar Thubten Dargye Ling is also organizing a day-long celebration which includes Amitayus Long Life Puja and a birthday celebration. If you are in singapore, please attend!

To learn more visit: www.drigar-dargyeling.com; email: admin@drigar-dargyeling.com; or call 9100 8081/9690 7015

Teachings on Compassion, May 5 – 6, 2018

Lama Thubten Nima is a Tibetan monk in the Drikung Kagyu lineage.   He is the Founder & Resident Lama of Richen Choling Center in Los, Angeles, California. Lama Thubten Lama has been invited to conduct teachings all over the world and has lead many retreats and drupchen practices in the United States.  You can find more about his lineage at http://rinchencholing.org.. Lama Thubten Nima will give a talk on bodhicitta, or the aspiration for enlightenment for the benefit of all, and answer any questions on the wisdom mind. We invite you to stay after the event for tea and cake. MORE ABOUT LAMA THUBTEN NIMA:    Lama Thubten Nima was born in 1965 into conditions of political turmoil and exile associated with the Chinese Cultural Revolution. 

5th Annual drikung kagyu monlam

The 5th Annual U.S. Drikung Kagyu Monlam coincides with and celebrates the anniversary of Lord Jigten Sumgon’s parinirvana. From Saturday June 9th, through Sunday June 10th H.E. Garchen Rinpoche will celebrate this event with us and offer ripening empowerment and liberating instructions on the profound Five-fold Path of Mahamudra, and Lord Jigten Sumgon’s spiritual songs about the Five-fold Path.

A monlam (great prayer festival) is a gathering of practitioners offering communal prayers to help overcome obstacles to peace and generate the conditions for all beings to live in harmony. The Drikung Kagyu community initiated the U.S. monlam four years ago and has continued the event annually in June to pray for wisdom and compassion to permeate all sentient beings.

Join us June 9 and 10, 2018, at the Tibetan Assembly Hall, 5200 Huntington Ave., Richmond, California, for this profound teaching and prayer event.

To register, please contact: Tze Zhan Monastery: phone (415) 876-0888; email – drikung.sfo@gmail.com.