Garchen Rinpoche’s CoronaVirus

Videos and Transcripts

Video #3
Instructions and
Announcement of Temporary Closure
March 8, 2020


What I would like to share with your today is with regard to the harm caused by this virus in the world.

With respect for both traditions—the tradition of the holy Dharma and the worldly tradition of humans—we have to exercise great care.

Many things have happened in the world, some of which are driven by public panic, but this also happens due to being wrapped up in discursive thought.

According to the tradition of the holy Dharma, karma cause and effect are most important; there is not so much fear. However, we have to respect the hygiene practices of the worldly tradition of humans.

But, in the tradition of the holy Dharma we have the method to transform suffering into happiness and faults into good qualities.

In any case, at this time travel has been restricted, schools and other activities are closed down all over the place. Now that things have come to a pause, read books on the view and practices of your own religious traditions.

In your own homes, continue your studies for school, and read books. This is an excellent opportunity to study. Those of you who practice the holy Dharma, listen to Dharma teachings over the internet, which are streamed continuously by your various Dharma centers. This is very convenient and easy.

This is an opportunity to look at your mind, to practice meditation. So don’t waste your time at home. This is a particularly good opportunity to engage in practice. Thinking in this way, we have to transform suffering into happiness, and negative circumstances into assistants.

Wherever you are, whatever religion you follow, without any bias toward any religion, supplicate your own “Jewel” (source of refuge), and when you supplicate, don’t think of “me.”

The altruistic mind of thinking of all sentient beings, is what protects you. If you think “I want to be protected,” all karma and habitual imprints exist within the “I.” This will only bring harm, it will be of no benefit. All those who follow a religion, supplicate your own “Jewel” (source of refuge), thinking, “may all sentient beings be protected.” Thus, give rise to bodhicitta.

In particular, Buddhist practitioners should practice the meditations and recitations [of deities] such as Jetsun Tara, the Medicine Buddha, or any other common mantras. When disciples practice in this way, it is a great merit because one practices in order to end the suffering of sentient beings.

Practicing in this way with a mind of love and compassion, is the method to increase bodhicitta higher and higher. Thus, it is important to make effort in practice at this time.

A so-called Buddha is the space-like all-pervasive dharmakāya. The sambhogakāya appears like a rainbow in the sky. Visualize it vast, filling all of space. The blessings are like rain falling down.

The nirmānakāya is like the rain. The blessings and powers fall down like rain and permeate the entire world. You should visualize vast like this; don’t visualize small. The blessings of the Three Jewels are immense.

The dharmakāya is like space, the sambhogakāya is like a rainbow, and the nirmānakāya is like rain. You should contemplate in such a vast way.

During this time, for the well-being and protection of the common public, our center in Arizona will be closed starting tomorrow, Monday [March 9, 2020].

The disciples should practice on their own at home. There is no obstacle to this. Everyone should know this. Tashi Delek!

I also ask the disciples to make many prayers for the peace, happiness, and well-being of the world, and the pacification of disease, famine, and weapons. For this recite the World Peace Prayer and so on.

I’m sending you Tashi Delek [auspicious goodness] today!


Translated by Ina Bieler, March 8 2020

Video #1
Message and Instructions
Febrary 13, 2020

Tashi Delek! The coronavirus is spreading across the world. Such a disease is the result of having collectively accumulated a lot of karma with hatred and jealousy.

Everyone should supplicate the deity. There are many different deities, and we are told: “supplicate this deity” or “supplicate that deity.” Actually, there is no difference between the deities. You should supplicate whichever deity you trust and have faith in.

“All the buddhas are one within the expanse of primordial wisdom”. You should supplicate whichever deity you personally trust and have faith in.

In particular, to whom you have connection, apply the balm from the Gyanagma Prayer Wheel to the nose in the morning and evening. It will surely protect you. Further, wearing these wristbands will also be of benefit. So mainly, use the balm and take more blessing pills.

Praying for these who have fallen ill, four disciples can gather to practice together, or you can do practices online, or you can practice at home by yourself. Visualize whichever Buddha you practice in the space before you and imagine that the light rays [emanating from this Buddha] pervade the entire world. In this way, practice the deity while meditating on the immeasurable love. 

It doesn’t matter which deity you practice. Pray to whichever deity you have the greatest faith in. For this, the World Peace Prayer is most important. Thus, whatever practice you are doing, together with it, recite the World Peace Prayer often. So, take the blessing pills continuously and apply the Gyanagma balm under your nose. This is important. I will also keep praying.


To the unfailing sources of refuge, the Three Jewels and Three Roots, and especially Chenrezig, the protector of the Land of Snows, to Noble Tara and Guru Padmasambhava, I pray: please remember your sacred pledge of former times! Please grant blessings that this aspiration be entirely fulfilled!

In this dark age of decline, the thoughts and actions of beings are corrupted, and the balance of the outer and inner elements is lost. Through these causes and conditions, humans and animals alike are seized by epidemics and diseases unknown in the past. They are struck by planetary demons, nāgas, evil spirits, dark forces, and elemental spirits. Crops are damaged by blight, frost, and hail, and there is fighting and dispute. Untimely rains, heat waves, and droughts in the world; fear of earthquakes, fire, adversaries, and natural catastrophes; and in particular, evil hordes that hurt the teachings, and so forth, cause harm and violence throughout the world.

May these be swiftly pacified and vanquished from their very roots! In the minds of all beings, human and non-human, may precious and supreme bodhicitta arise naturally. And, free of harmful thoughts and actions, may the minds of all be filled with love for one another! May the entire world enjoy abundant happiness and wealth!

May the Buddha’s teachings spread far and endure long! By the truthful power of the Three Roots, the buddhas, and bodhisattvas, by whatever virtuous roots there are in samsara and nirvana, and by the power of our highest pure intention, may this aspiration be fulfilled!


Translated by Ina Bieler

Video #2
Specific Practices & Instructions
For Coronavirus
March 5, 2020


Oh, all my Dharma-friends from around the world: I love you.

Regarding this great epidemic that has now arisen in the world, Guru Rinpoche and the Buddha spoke about such evil arising at the time when the five degenerations will have spread. He said there will be an age of disease, an age of famine, and an age of weapons.

He predicted that this would arise.

Regarding the age of weapons, many nuclear weapons are being produced. Regarding the age of disease, diseases like this [coronavirus] appear, though not everyone is affected by it.

Those who have accumulated the karma for it, however, will be affected as their karma ripens. What kind of karma did they accumulate? With hatred and jealousy, one might have developed poisonous weapons to harm others, and so on. Such malicious thoughts against others will then ripen into a result.

It is taught that if karma is not created, one will not encounter [a certain result]; therefore, a person who has not accumulated negative karma will not contract this disease.

But most importantly, you should not develop any fear, thinking: “I will get this disease.” [Instead, you should think]: “Everything follows karma. What is important is that I do not accumulate [negative] karma. If I accumulate the karma for it, I will get ill. There is nothing I can do about it.” If you have not accumulated the karma for it, though, you will not get the disease.

So with trust in cause and effect, supplicate single-pointedly: “I prostrate to the Medicine Buddha, the King of Lapis Lazuli Light!” Or, “I prostrate to the Tathāgata, Arhat, perfectly complete Buddha, the Medicine Buddha, the King of Lapis Lazuli Light!” If you [want] to recite the mantra in Sanskrit:


Recite this many times and listen to a recording of it.

The Medicine Buddha’s form has the color of space, so as you recite, think: “He is there, pervading space. Medicinal nectar falls down like rain and benefits the entire world.”

Do not at all think: “I will get sick.” Also do not think [only] about your friends and [only] about your country. [Think]: “A rain [of nectar] falls down upon the entire world.”

[And think] that this disease has purified the karmic obscurations of those who have died. Their mind cannot die; they only discard their bodies temporarily. So think: “May they again take birth in a precious human body in this world. May they trust in karma, cause and effect. May they be endowed with love and compassion. And may they engage in activities that will bring about the benefit and happiness of all the countries in the world!”

Mainly, recite the Medicine Buddha mantra:


And pray: “I prostrate to the Medicine Buddha, the King of Lapis Lazuli Light, who, like the sun, dispels the darkness of ignorance; who, like the moon, dispels the five poisonous afflictions; and who dispels the three poisons and disease!”

There is not a single disease that does not arise from the three poisonous afflictions. The root, the basis, is these three poisonous afflictions. Then, as if whiffing [poison], one then engages is negative activities, one’s conduct is bad – [one consumes] toxins or tobacco, one does things that harm beings. If one has a business, one tries to cheat others, tries to hurt others—such as by mixing contaminants with food.

Such karma will ripen, so think: “The karma of all beings who possess such negative karma has been purified.” [Then, we] visualize a large form of the Medicine Buddha and [we] recite the Medicine Buddha mantra for [those beings] in this world [in whom such karma] has not ripened.

Those who know how to, should recite the Medicine Buddha sadhana. So you can perform the Medicine Buddha ritual, or you can invite spiritual teachers and ask them to perform the Medicine Buddha ritual, or you yourself can recite the Medicine Buddha mantra, the name mantra of the Medicine Buddha.

So think in this way: “Those who have died have purified karma. Their [negative] karma has come to an end. May they again take birth in the human world.” This is how you should think.

Do not be distressed, and do not think: “What if I get this disease?” If you just hold on to the wish to benefit sentient beings, this itself can probably keep the disease away from you.

Also, [use] blessing pills and the blessing cream from the Gyanagma Dharma wheel. If you have blessing pills from your own tradition, don’t let them sit around: you have to eat them as much as you can.

You should also practice the smoke offering, so make a small smoke offering; there will be benefit from this, as is mentioned in [the smoke offering]. I always make prayers, perform the smoke offering, and recite dedications for all sentient beings in the world, whether they are Dharma friends or not.

So, Dharma friends, practice on your own, practice via the internet—it is all exactly the same. All my Dharma friends, please practice in this way.

Most important is not to think: “What if I get this disease?” You must not think in this way at all. If such thoughts do arise, visualize Tara or your own yidam, and think: “May no one in this world be sick. May the entire world be benefited.”

Always visualize that the Medicine Buddha [sends down blessings] like rain falling down. Many Tashi Delek!


Translated by Ina Bieler