Online Empowerment and Retreat in our YouTube Library

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

and Garchen Institute Lamas

* It is possible to receive this empowerment and do this practice at any time but you must go through our registration process.  Please read carefully:

 “Practicing Manjushri Yamantaka will bring immense benefit to your country! ”  ~ H.E. Garchen Rinpoche

As we still find ourselves in unprecedented conditions, this year’s Yamantaka empowerment and retreat was again online. We have adjusted the way in which we will offer this retreat online since it is not possible to do a traditional drubchen. H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has specifically instructed exactly how this retreat will be shared online.

The Yamantaka drubchen, traditionally held near the end of the Tibetan year, is conducted in order to cleanse all obstacles not only for oneself, but for every being in the world. This cleansing is most easily accomplished at this time of the year and helps to decrease suffering and increase peace. The deity practiced in this drubchen is very wrathful and powerful, and thus the practice must be done with great care. 

In the past in Tibet this drubchen was only open to those who had taken vows of ordination and who had completed the common preliminary practices as well as the particular preliminary practices of Yamantaka. It is thus asked that those who participate prepare by accumulating refuge and Vajrasattva mantras, taking refuge and purifying one’s mindstream as much as possible prior to the retreat. One of the main traditional prerequisites for participating in the Yamantaka Drubchen is to have accumulated 600,000 Peaceful Manjushri mantras (OM WAM GI SHWARI MUM) before attending your first Drubchen. 

If you have already done this accumulation for a prior Yamantaka Drubchen, it is not necessary to do it again. If you have not done this accumulation, Garchen Rinpoche asks that you try to complete at least 100,000 mantras before the drubchen starts. If you are unable to accomplish this, Rinpoche asks that you accumulate as many of the mantras prior to the start as possible and then finish the accumulation no later than one year from the date the drubchen ends. The fruition of the Yamantaka drubchen is not attained unless the Manjushri accumulation is completed as Garchen Rinpoche indicates.

* It is not necessary to receive a lung transmission of the Peaceful Manjushri practice before engaging in the mantra accumulation. 

Garchen Rinpoche has always said, the more effort you put into the practice, the more results will come. 

The following is recommended:  No speaking during the retreat other than the mantra recitation and the recitation of the text. The more you can maintain retreat conditions, eliminating distractions, the more benefit there will be.


Registration is required to participate in this empowerment and practice at any time. 

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Once your completed registration checklist is received, we will send you two emails:

1st email:  Confirmation receipt email and a link to Manjushri Yamantaka Empowerment and Oral Transmission of necessary texts, which you are required to take before you can join the practice.

2nd email:  Partial Yamantaka Sadhana and page turning instructions.

ONLINE Yamantaka Retreat Description

Garchen Rinpoche has instructed that only the Protection portion of the Yamantaka sadhana will be practiced for this retreat.  A video of footage from past drubchens has been created according to Garchen Rinpoche’s precise specifications for the online stream. The sessions will be chanted in Tibetan language only.The partial sadhana will be available in three languages – Tibetan, Chinese and English on February 5th for those who have registered.

Garchen Rinpoche is encouraging people to attend the entire retreat but if that is not possible, partial attendance is permitted. If you cannot practice at the same time of the live stream, Rinpoche says that it is possible to tune in when your schedule allows. This is a noticeably different structure compared to past Yamantaka drubchens.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has given this specific message on January 19, 2021 regarding his view on this subject:

“Tashi Delek to my Dharma friends,

This year whatever we put online on our YouTube channel is available for anyone’s participation, even for the Yamantaka retreat. There are no restrictions. Why? For the Buddha, there was no difference between nationality or religions because all sentient beings are really Buddhas, they are only obscured by temporary stains. When these temporary stains are removed then beings are actual Buddhas. It just depends on whether or not we have fixating thoughts in our mind. 

Lord Jigten Sumgon had said that whoever grasps at any philosophical school is an ordinary person. Actually any philosophical school is just illusory because whoever has a mind has the Buddha within them. Therefore all sentient beings possess the cause of awakening and if they want to become a Buddha, they can. For this reason whatever is online or on livestream, is not restricted. Anybody can take whatever they want and look at whatever they want and for however long they want. I encourage you to do this. This is the Buddha’s instruction.”


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